1.Identification“RU.YI”The brand management idea and the management pattern, has the common mold the brand's faith and the determination

2.Have legal business qualification.

3.With good business reputation, investment and risk awareness, the vast network of relationships.

4.With the experience of managing high - grade women's wear brand, it is rich in marketing ideas and marketing network.

5.Have certain economic strength, can satisfy the normal operation of the store / cabinet.

The principle of location and decoration of the store (counter):

1.Surrounding environment:

    a)  Commercial atmosphere, the high popularity of the high-end shopping malls and nearby; 

    b)  Good visibility and traffic flow of a good commercial street (traffic flow to meet the target customer characteristics). 

2.Store (counter) conditions: 

    a)  Store area of not less than 80 square meters, shopping malls counters not less than 50 square meters (according to the situation can be adjusted).

    b)  Since the date of the application for the store, the validity period of one year or more of the legitimate lease. 

    c)  The position and width of the window facing the street, wide display. 

3. Decoration principle: the company is responsible for the store design, the franchisee to bear the cost of the decoration of the shop.

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