Shenzhen clothing OEM exhibition 2015

The eighth Shenzhen international clothing OEM (OEM/ODM) /
Time: December 2015 9-11

Location: China Shenzhen Exhibition Center (three Shenzhen Road, Futian District,)

Organizer: Guangdong Textile Association, Shenzhen Textile Industry Association,

to the buyers:

H&M、 UNIQLO、CK、Zara、NIKE、Adidas、Tommy、Burberry、Ochirly、CC&DD、GXG、 ONLY、 VERO MODA、沃尔玛、JACK & JONES 、Levis、GK&EK、SELECTED、G2000、Lily、GIORDANO、Bossini、Lancy, peacebird, shadow, Mass Phil, Ke Eli Till, the younger brother of exception, Ellassay,,,,, Oubailannu eachway impression shares, Hua Tian, Lingxiu reds, Ji Houfeng, blue wardrobe, fairyfair, JNBY, Gloria, Taiwan Ming, Bai Liyuan, Yi Fei, Ginny, Liangzi, one three, winner, Wirancis, Jia Wen, Huaxing lilanz, Angelo, Youngor, Mark Ed Faye, Septwolves, kaltendin, Cabbeen, Fapai, Eve, Bin Bao, YISHION, Semir, Voiceknow Vatican tide, XTEP, Jeanwest, pepco, ugly,, pencil club, Erdos, deer, Zhenbei, Bosideng, Eral, urban beauty, Embry, sunshine group, bestseller fashion group, Esquel Group, bestseller fashion, speedy, as Lee Group, seniortm group, Sun Group, Li Feng, Li Xing, tal ...

buyers invitation:

International and domestic brand clothing enterprises; import and export trading company; brand apparel agents; clothing trader; international famous brand chain stores; transnational retail giants; VIP guest buyers; large network branded; large supermarkets and clothing wholesale market; domestic and international apparel industry association; clothing professional media, mass media and so on.

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