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B & W company established in 1885, was first established as a wholesaler of worsted wool, fabrics for the main source is England and Scotland some well-known manufacturers of products, also operates some of the licensed products, is the use of B & amp; W own registered trademark & ldquo; LORDTEX” by British reputable manufacturers of linen, after World War II, B & amp; W guest is the tailor's haute couture, by the guests B Germany import licence from, like John Foster, Reid and TailorGladhilKynoch. & amp; W garment factory business has a great progress.

now, B& W mainly provides the type of fabric:

1) pure wool / pure linen fabric under the Guabello brand, which is produced by Italy factory LORDTEX.

2) fabric of major European fabric factories in Europe - Marzotto, Pina, Loro, Piacenza, Viera, Torrelo,, France, Spain, Portugal and england.

3) the fabric of the European major brands, Escada, Basler, Weber, Gerry Hugo, Boss, Sander Jil, Cardin, Pierre, YSL, Gaultier, Gucci, Prada, Versace.

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