1 college degree or above, art design, advertising design and related majors;
2 proficiency in various design software;
3 able to complete the album, folding and various types of product packaging design, advertising design and production of web interface;
4 advertising graphic design, production and other graphic processing; design of promotion materials;
5 timely completion of other tasks assigned by the company design;
6 assist other departments to complete the design work;
7 have good communication, coordination ability, have a unique design thinking, color sense.


1 responsible for visual design, production, printing and follow-up;
Design and manufacture of 2 product promotions;
3 responsible for the packaging products packaging design, product function, the concept of
; 4 be responsible for the daily propaganda work;
5 assist other department personnel on the design and aesthetic aspects of the successful completion of the work;
6. Responsible for the company website style grasp, tonal collocation, the rationality of the layout of photo finishing, processing, and corporate logo; < br / > 7 have a certain aesthetic ability, understand photography and color collocation.


Meal subsidies, housing subsidies, subsidies of record of formal schooling, full attendence award, at the end of the year award, 2 trip + a free medical, in the purchase a car's outstanding employees can also provide grants and interest free loans.
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